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At Aphria, seeds and cuttings are characterized and identified; growing media are defined with exacting specifications and ideal growing conditions are stringently applied. Once production begins all aspects of the growing cycle are tightly controlled to ensure predictable results.

Aphria Strains

Limerick 15.4% THC & <0.07% CBD

My overall rating for Aphria's Limerick is 5.5 out of 10. Once again this is due to the fact that this strain failed to produce the high I was looking for, if any. As well, the taste was not enjoyable. The only thing that saved Aphria this time, was it was easy to order and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Aphria needs to work on their indica strains if thye want to retain me as a patient. I would not recommend trying this strain.

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Tamaracouta 12.0% THC & <0.07% CBD

My overall rating for Aphria's Tamaracouta is out 7 of 10. This product looks and smells great. However the best thing about this strain has to be the taste. It's sweet and smooth flavour made it very enjoyable. Definitely a product properly flushed. Wish the buds were a bigger. This strain wasn't particularly strong, so i would recommend this product to people new to medical cannabis.

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Panache 15% THC & <0.05%CBD

My overall rating for Aphria's Panache is 7.5 out of 10. Its smells good and tastes amazing. Every inhale left me wanting more. The high it produced was great and un-anticipated due to it's relatively low levels of THC (15.2%). It left me feeling very happy and care-free. The overall appearance of the buds affect this strain's overall rating, as well as my experience on the phone. However I would recommend trying this strain.

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Henik 26.1% THC & <0.07% CBD

My overall rating for Aphria's Henik strain of cannabis is 6 out of 10. It looked good, unfortunately just didn't deliver the high i was anticipating. Considering the elevated THC concentration, I thought it would work well for sleep problems. However i would not recommend this product to anyone looking for relief from insomnia. When you factor the price into consideration, in my opinion, not a good option.

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