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Bedrocan provides five strains of medical cannabis that have been developed to meet the therapeutic needs of patients in Canada. We use rigorous production and quality standards to earn the trust of patients and meet government requirements for inhaled medicines across seven countries.

Bedrocan Canada Inc. Strains

Bedrolite – 9% CBD & Less than 1% THC

Only comes in milled/granulated form

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Bedrobinol – 14% THC & Less than 1% CBD

My overall rating for Bedrocansu2019, Bedrobinol strain is 7 stars out of 10. The sativau2019s energetic high was very enjoyable. The smell appealed to me as well. The one thing that really hurt this strain was the size of the buds. The u201chands offu201d growing approach is not something I like. I hope to see full dense buds next time I order this strain.

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Bedropuur – 24% THC & less than 1% CBD

My overall rating for Bedrocans, Bedropuur strain is a 5.5 out of 10 stars. The lack of flush played a big role in dropping the overall score as well as what I would expect from a 20-24% THC strain regarding the u2018highu2019. Proper weight should also be established for every order. I would recommend this product IF they straighten out their issues with consistency of the high, taste and weight.

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Bediol – 6.5% THC & 8% CBD

My overall Rating for Bedrocans Bediol strain is a 7.5 stars out of 10. The dry could have been done a little better as the moisture of the plant was consistent throughout. The proper weight could have been added to the package bumping the product to 8 stars. I would recommend this product but buyer beware of lessor amounts being shipped.

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Bedica – 14% THC & less than 1% CBD

My overall rating for Bedrocans, Bedica product, is a 6 out of 10 stars. The product was good, but the lead up to using it was not. Being under weight had a drastic decrease in the overall rating as well as the consistent small buds with stems throughout. I recommend this product but buyer beware***NOTE - In order to complete this review I had to order twice. Flower form is always ordered for reviews. My first order came in granulated form. When I phoned to explain the situation they advised that they could not take it back, only give me 20% off on my next purchase.

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Bedrocan – 22% THC & less than 1% CBD

My overall Rating for the Bedrocan, Bedrocan strain is 7 out of 10. I thoroughly enjoyed the taste as the flush was great, and I really emphasize that! You could feel the sour fruitiness of the flower tingle your smelling senses, that sour smell that was very nice.

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