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Established in 2013, MariCann has built a team of professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and sought out only the most influential names in the medical cannabis arena to ensure best production practices and quality assurance are delivered to produce marihuana for patients seeking a safer and more natural alternative to conventional medical treatments. So, while they are a relatively new company in Medical Cannabis their experienced team is anything but. Together, they collectively bring more than 150 years of pharmaceutical experience to patients, healthcare practitioners and government bodies, and are committed to building on that experience to push for acceptance and changes to the medicinal cannabis discussion.

MariCann Inc. Strains

iCann Ultra Forte 19 (Strawberry Ice) – 21% THC and 0% CBD

My overall rating for MariCann's iCann Ultra Forte 19 is 6.5 out of 10. It was an enjoyable tasting strain that delivered good effects. However I was very disappointed with the packaging and texture of the flowers. It seems that MariCann irradiates their products, this contributes to the over-drying of the flowers. For the price of this strain, I feel it is not a good value.

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ICann Ultra Forte 36 (Bubba Erkle) 21.25% THC & 0.08% CBD

My overall rating for MariCann's Icann Ultra Forte 36 is a 6 out of 10. This rating is largely suffering due to the fact that the flowers were extremely dry throughout. When I called to inquire as to why, they said because their product is irradiated and sometimes it can cause excess drying.The effects from this strain were decent, they just did not last long at all. For the price of $12/gram there are better options out there to try.

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iCann Ultra Forte 27 (Shishkaberry) 20.35% THC & 0.11% CBD

My overall rating for MariCann's iCann Ultra Forte 27 (shishkaberry)is a 7 out of 10. My reason for this rating is that, this strain tasted good and produced a good functional high. It just didn't last long for me. The only side-effect I noticed was extremely dry mouth and the EXPENSIVE price. Decent strain but definitely not worth the price.

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