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MedReleaf is a Canadian Licensed Producer and distributor of medical cannabis operating from a state-of-the-art 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Markham, Ontario. Through over 20 ongoing investigative research initiatives, an extensive plant breeding program and regular patient monitoring and data analysis, MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous potential benefits of medical cannabis and on validating new treatment options for patients.

MedReleaf Corp. Strains

Sedeman – 24.82% THC & 0.09% CBD

My overall rating for Medreleafs Sedeman strain is an 8.5+ stars out of 10. This strain was grown very well leaving no bad aftertaste. The great high was expected with a 24.92% THC content. This product as it stands is a great buy and I highly recommend this plant.

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Avidekel – 14.45% CBD & 0.60 THC

My overall rating for Medreleafs Avidekel strain is a 6.5 out of 10. The look and smell were great, but the bitter taste of the product from a poor flush was not appealing to say the least.

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Midnight – 10.49% CBD & 8.09 THC

My overall rating for Medreleafs Midnight strain is a 7.5+ out of 10. The product was dried well, smelled great, flushed properly and smoked perfect. The smaller buds and being underweight hurt the overall rating, but itu2019s not enough to lure me away from recommending this product. I highly recommend trying this strain.

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Remissio – 25.04% THC & 0.06% CBD

My overall rating the Medreleafs remissio is a 8.5 out of 10. The product was over in weight which was a good start. The length and intensity of the high were amazing. The aroma was the just bursting with the smell of fruits. The shake wasn't great but I assume it was only because they buds/flowers were dried to a perfect level, I would recommend this strain if you have the opportunity.

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Eran Algora – 19.84% THC & 0.058% CBD

My overall rating for Medreleafs Eran Almog strain is a 6+ out of 10. The overall smoke and texture were key indicators to the low score. That being said, the weight packaged and the smell held the rating higher.

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