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The Peace Naturals Project set about to achieve its business objectives in a socially responsible manner. Its transformative model is based on the principles of integrity, transparency, security, compliance and social and environmental sustainability. Part of The Peace Naturals Project’s mission is to facilitate much-needed education and awareness around medical Cannabis as a self-care, Agri-Health solution.

The Peace Naturals Project Inc. Strains

Chrome+ 14% THC & 0.07% CBD

My overall rating for The Peace Naturals Project's "Chrome Plus" strain of cannabis is 6.5 out of 10. It is a relatively mild indica, hat does provide some stress relief. No couch-lock effects what so ever. The effects were short-lived and the flower was extremely dry and crumbly. I would recommend this strain for someone looking for mild pain relief, with little to know impairment.

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