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Tweed and our sister company Tweed Farms are wholly owned subsidiaries of Tweed Marijuana Inc., traded on the TSX Venture Exchange as TWD. We are a Canadian company licensed under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. We strive to supply a wide selection of marijuana, as diverse as the patients who trust us with their patronage.

Tweed Inc. Strains

Sunset – Leaf by Snoop 30.8%THC & 0.07%CBD

My overall rating for Tweed's Leafs by Snoop Sunset strain of cannabis is 7.5 out of 10. This strain was great smelling, tasting and had a great cure to it. It seems Tweed is starting to figure out the growing process. They need to work on their patient service. This strain could be used as a daytime indica, in my opinion.

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Moonbeam- Leafs By Snoop 27%THC & 0.07% CBD

My overall rating for Tweed's Leafs by \Snoop "Moonbeam" strain of cannabis is 8.5 out of 10. This strain was grown well, with a heavy blanket of trichomes coating flowers. Also very good tasting. This is a great daytime indica strain that I would recommend to people suffering from depression or anxiety. I would steer clear if using for insomnia due to the fact it is not sedating. Good Job SNOOP, best strain from him yet.

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Ocean View-Leafs By Snoop 15.7% THC & 0.05%CBD

My overall rating for Tweed's Oceanview (Leafs by Snoop) is a 6.5 out of 10. It was good smelling and tasting, however the tiny sized flowers and the weak high associated with it affected it's review. This is a decent daytime use strain that will provide some uplifting results, it just seem over-priced. Maybe due to the celebrity endorsement.

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Yorkshire – 19.50% THC & <0.05% THC

My overall rating for Tweeds' Yorkshire strain is an 8 out of 10 stars. The taste was great, the smell was great and the full dense buds were a good change from most of the producers. Although the THC % is lower than what is typically expected from the Headband strain (20-27%) it still had a good affect. I would recommend trying this strain.rn*Other Headband producers - Medreleafs' Remissio*

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Balmoral – 17.20% THC and .05% CBD

My overall rating for Tweeds' Balmoral strain is an 8 out of 10. The texture was impeccable, the buds were nice and the taste was absolutely incredible. This strain is a must try.

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Clarence – 13.60% THC & 0.05% CBD

My Overall rating for Tweeds' Clarence strain is a 7.5+ or an 8- out of 10. The strain smoked great, tasted great. The medium to large size buds were good and clean throughout. I would recommend this strain for the great taste and for those looking for a medium high with little to no burnout.

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